Paper- plate- Aholic: A rant

Cooking everyday, for every meal yields nasty, dirty, sink filled to the brim and overflowing sink. This photo is not for the squeamish. No amount of photoshopping can make this sight pretty.

My dishwasher is old and doesnt get out the oil stains and masala, H is always too tired to do the dishes, and I feel guilty asking him to do them because he has a job and im unemployed(Child rearing, bill paying and house renovation carpentry, cooking, laundry do not count).

I never buy bottled water, try to recycle, and yet every week i succumb to this.

Every week when I go to shop at BJs i see multitudes buying similar packs. I know they have replaced normal china or steel thalis in almost every house hold. And every time I reach out to buy them, a familiar war between sparing myself and the environment begins. Must i consign myself to doing dishes thrice a day , everyday, for 365 days a year as I have for the last four years?


bee said...

if it helps reduce fatigue and free up your time, go for it. however, i fond that the bulk of dishes in my dishwasher are things i cook in, glasses, coffee mugs cutlery, etc.

Bong Mom said...

Bee is right

Same in my dishwasher too. Plates are few, mostly only 3-4 dinner plates and 2-3 snack ones

Mostly it is cutlery, bowls and utensils used for cooking