Healthy food guidelines - help!

How can I eat healthy? And hopefully without harming the environment much? I have asked myself this over the last couple of weeks and I need help! Please take a look at the points i have thought of so far and help me with improving and adding to this list.

I am trying to make a lifestyle change towards a healthier more active life.

1. Whole grains
Roti and Rice are standard at my home and I have already switched to brown rice,
Roti Atta is naturally whole grain. White bread is a loophole i am working on(Ive tried Pepperidge farm whole grain , multi grain etc but is expensive for me and Iam dissatisfied with its taste)- it is useful for my toddler daughter. What can i do about the white idli & dosa batter? Is Rava (cream of wheat) healthy? White poha - is there a whole grain replacement?

I have banned All purpose flour from my day to day use- so I donot make Naan or parotta or Puris anymore. I have to look at whole wheat naans, tortillas and pav.

2. Soy products
The only soy product i use regularly is soy flour in my Rotis. I am working on including more tofu, tempeh and other soy products in my diet.

3. Vegetables
I love all vegetables (ok ok except karela :P) and as such include quite a variety in my diet mainly as cooked sabzis. I have to work on including more raw vegetables/ salads. Is raw better than cooked or pickled veggies? Is that on some sort of sliding scale?

4. Snacks
This for me is a big big problem. I need easy healthy snacks for husband and I as we both snack quite a bit. And i think i need a spreadsheet of sorts - sure i make baked french fries but is it healthier than normal french fries and by how much? We have also switched to salsa and chips instead of the deep fried samosas and mixture and ribbon - but it is hard to come up with variety .

6. Casual everyday baking with less fats , more whole grains

I make banana bread on a weekly basis, and i would love to make some healthy brownies or whole grain or tofu included small coffee cakes - But i know nothing of such healthy baking.

7. Fats
I use canola oil for day to day cooking, olive oil sometimes in sabzis and no shortening or dalda.

What am I missing? I keep thinking that having a food philosophy like Ayurveda might help but I donot know how.


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