JFI Chickpea: Logo & Bataka Sev Farsan

India is the largest grower in the world. Chickpeas are grown in the drier regions of India - namely UP , MP, Rajasthan, AP, Maharashtra (source: http://www.crnindia.com/commodity/chickpea.html)

Gujarat has a rich tradition of snacks - called Farsan- which to me seems wholly dominated by chickpea flour or besan. Examples in the photo montage above are( from left to right and top to bottom)Sev,Boondi,Gaanthia, Fafda, Khaman, Khandvi and an aloo bonda pretending to be a Dakor Gota! This variety of chickpea flour snacks arises perhaps from Gujarat's dry, arid climate which emphasized staples over fresh fruits and vegetables.

My mom is particularly partial to the phulwadi- also made from besan. A typical gujarati breakfast consists of perhaps one warm dish like Bataka Poha accompanied by strong sweet tea and many of these very farsan doing double duty. We used to have fafda and jalebi on dussehra morning 4 o clock just after finishing 6 hours of garba.

This post's recipe, Bataka Sev is Sev made from Potatoes and Besan.It is from a book called Aneri Vangio by Nayna Shah. Loosely translated Aneri vangio means Different Dishes. I just learnt recently that this is kind of like the Samaithu paar for newly married Gujarati girls.

Bataka Sev:

1 Potato boiled, and chilled in the fridge for abt 24 hrs(no baking potatoes or small new potatoes- they are too waxy)
abt 2 tbsp Besan
red chilli pwd
pinch of clove & cinnamon powder

Grate the potato finely. Add all the seasonings. Add just as much besan to make a round ball of dough. Use an Acchu or Press to extrude the sev and deep fry in hot oil until the bubbles die down.

This is a quick logo that I came up with for JFI Chickpea, Please feel free to use it in any size that you prefer.

The first montage was made from these sources.
Photo credits:
1. Khandvi
2. Fafda
3. Khaman
4. Gaanthia
5. Sev


Pavani said...

Wish you and your family a very Happy & Prosperous New Year. Nice choice for JFI.. Happy Hosting.

Anonymous said...

That logo is awesome! & so is the dish. love the picture. Count me in for the event.

Priya Suresh said...

Wow wat a cripsy potato sev..looks delicious..count me in for JFI event..

Usha said...

The potato sev looks delicious, wish I could taste it right now...first time here you have a cool space :-)

Chitra said...

Nice pics & logo:)

Sharmi said...

that recipe is very simple and easy:)

FH said...

Great choice, I made a chana masala 2 weeks ago, will see if I have photos still!:))

Anonymous said...

The potato sev looks very tasty... will try it out...