My 300$ Kitchen renovation

or why I disappeared from my blog

Before Picture:

After Picture:

This is what happens when you watch one too many HGTV Home makeover shows!! I had really really horrible formica eurostyle cabinet doors which made my kitchen look absolutely awful. So, I bought unfinished cherry wood doors from Second Chance Inc Baltimore an architectural salvage place -They sell these really really cheap- and they were lying around the house for the last eight months before i finally got down to doing something with them. However the doors are all kept pretty hodgepodge and you will need exact dimensions of the doors you really need and an eye for consistent door design. I sanded the trim of the cabinets, then stained both the doors and the trim, added crown molding at the top of the cabinets to give it some height and finished off with new cabinet hardware - knobs and pulls. Ive had loads of fun so far doing this with the help of my husband.

Whats left? A new backsplash and countertop! I saw these fantastic antique tiles at Second chance inc and am going to design the back splash to match the buttercup yellow wall color and cherry cabinets with a cool focal point over the sink.

Great tip for all those looking for home makeovers on a budget is to find your local architectural salvage warehouse. Just google architectural salvage + your city. Its a green way to upgrade and wallet friendly as well.

Doing all the work yourself does require some effort, but im having fun teaching myself staining and carpentry work.