Foodie Nerd: Maps & ideas

What is the one dream you want to achieve desperately? For me it is making a Trip to Paris- THE foodie mecca. I am going to try to learn some french, it sounds so musical right? Oui Oui! I want to stay there for atleast a month, take in the sights and the sounds all while stuffing myself merrily. Meanwhile inspired by this beautiful article on Chow on various foodie maps, Ive started in a very small way to map the sights and patisseries I want to take in when I do get to Paris. I will share the map here at Sometime Foodie when it is somewhat complete.

On other news for food nerds, Ive started inputting my blog recipes into a database at blist which is a free web based MS Access style database. I just thought its a cool way to look at various ingredients and regional styles.


FH said...

We were there in Paris for a week when they opened the Euro Disney,Trisha was a toddler.We loved the city and the food, hated the drivers and the people!!:D
Great to visit and spend some time there though, good experience!:)

Rajani said...

Hello there, came over from Siri's blog, love your blog and your art at cakeworks. I am such a pathetic baker and admire anyone who can bake.so count me as a fan from now on. if you have any non complicated yet great looking cake idea using wholewheat and olive oil please do post it!!! meanwhile do drop by my blog!!!!

ms said...

Dear asha, you always make my day. Wow , youve already been. I am counting the days or should I say decades :) before I finally make it gasping to the shores of gay paree :)

Hey rajani,
you are doing some great work at elephantcorridor.org Will drop a line soon.

Ramki said...

I've been dreaming of apprenticing in a French bakery in Paris. I would gladly sell my soul for French bread !

ms said...

french bread- big sigh. Yep I would too!