Mexican Series #7: Chorizo-style TVP Veggie Burger

I have been trying to integrate soy into my plate for a long time. Tofu, nuh-ive tried it fried, baked, soft , firm- it just doesnt work for me-not yet anyway. Ive made Soya Kheema from TVP before and that worked for me. TVP or textured vegetable protien is made from soy flour that is passed through a machine- an extruder, to make small pellets or granules, commonly available at your local health store or organic food store bulk bin.

I wanted to make an healthy and hearty alternative to the potato cutlets that H. likes so much. I first tried this recipe for a veggie burger from CHOW. It has about every healthy thing you can imagine, from brown rice to grated zucchini to nuts. That makes the recipe a mile long ,fussy and this burger also sat in my stomach like a stone. I wanted something much quicker to make and tastier and lighter.

I was reading Rick Bayless's Authentic Mexican and his recipe for Chorizo, a traditional Mexican pork sausage. I liked the flavors in it, but I wanted a veggie version. After about three trials, Ive now arrived at a stable :) veggie version packed with soy and bean protien. You can have these at breakfast with bread or in a salad with veggies or just plain with ketchup or green chutney.

It keeps in the fridge very well, I usually mix up a big batch and fry it up on a non stick skillet whenever I want to eat it. You could also shape patties, put them on a large baking sheet, freeze for an hour and then put it in a zip lock bag. Then you could just skillet fry them whenever you like, except you should do that on low heat.

I am proud that for once I not quoting the recipe from either my mother or a book! This recipe is all my own.

For today, Ive paired this burger with roasted red and yellow peppers and cucumber. The Bread is Kamut Brown bread.

Chorizo style TVP Veggie Burger Recipe

2/3 cup refried beans, canned, vegetarian and without lard
1/2 cup cooked brown rice( I used brown basmati, you could use any brown rice you have. Brown basmati is drier, other rice types might be a little wetter. Adjust bread crumbs accordingly)
1/2 cup bread crumbs

11/2 cups tvp

5 tbsp hot sauce (texas pete)
2 finely chopped jalapenos
1 tsp cumin
1/2 cup enchilada sauce
1/2 an avocado
1/4rth cup tomato paste (I used Hunts Tomato Paste- donot use Puree, it is a lot wetter)
salt to taste

The method is fairly straightforward. If you have left over rice, great, other wise get that done first. Peel the avocado( technique video here).

Now dump all the ingredients into one bowl and mix it up. It should form a fairly stiff dough. Referigerate overnight. Form into patties and fry into cutlets on a non stick skillet.

Substitutions: Hot sauce- this is cheap about a buck, but a good substitute is lemon juice and red chilli powder. Make it about 5 tbsp of lemon juice and half as much chili powder as you like ( the jalapenos are hot too!)
Enchilada sauce- This really puts the chorizo in this veggie burger. If you are pinched for time , you could use a bottled mexican brand enchilada sauce.
Avocado- The avocado gives a nice creaminess because of its high fat content, skip and increase water if you want to avoid saturated fats.


Uma said...

wow, the burger is so mouth-watering. I wish to eat it from the picture.

ms said...

Hey uma glad you liked it!

Miri said...

Wow! you reverse enegineered from scratch!! Great going - that burger looks really tempting...

Unknown said...

Wow what a nice mexican burger,Thanks for sharing an interesting recipe.