CLICK Au Naturel: Last Shower

When I read the post on CLICK Au Naturel, the image that popped into my head was the admittedly rated R image of somebody showering! Dont get more au naturel than that :) CLICK Metal winner Gopal Seshadrinathan had photographed a single water droplet in the air. I also went through CLICK Liquid Comfort, Manisha of Indian Food rocks had a beautiful image of water splashing out of a martini glass. I was curious as to what went into high speed photography.

So I combined both these ideas into taking an image of Spinach in the shower!( with a blood thirsty cry in the background and a deep snarling voice) His last shower before I chopped off his many many heads! :)

It has been a learning experience. Seriously. Manisha of IFR had a beautiful explanation of how she took that photograph. I am really grateful for that guideline. I know I have not come anywhere near to achieving her perfection, but I have learnt enough of the process to have some serious appreciation of the work and craft that went into that image. Manisha , tussi to stud ho!

I used two reading lamps for extra light, my flash gave me very funny results. The Olympus C 5000 is actually a pretty darn decent, if a little old, digital camera. It has some manual functions including setting shutter speed to around 1/800 and also Setting the ISO from 50 to 320. But I donot really understand the interaction between these settings and how exactly it works in digital camera. A classic case of having more information and less knowledge.

Thanks jai and bee for hosting this wonderful event, every time I participate I learn something new.


bee said...

thanks for your entry, dear ms.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your visit to my site, ms. I love your cakework -- it is truly stunning! Your collection of recipes is great, too. I'm looking forward to returning to take a better look once I'm back on-line next week. Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your compliments on my photo at Click Au Naturel(The peppercorn trail). So you have tried a motion photography, I did not muster the courage to try that yet! Yours look fresh.

Uma said...

yeah, you have a good bathing beauty too! Nice click.