Flour Accounts

Look at them , like a proud family posing for a photo. All ten of them, members of my own pantry. Wow. Only a couple of relatives there too. Rice Flour, Maseca Corn Masa, Besan, Chapatti atta, Guilty secret white allpurpose flour, Moong atta, Corn meal, Urad flour, Semolina flour and I-dont-know-why-I-bought-it-Green-Split-Pea-Flour.

Jugalbandi's recent CLICK event on Flour made me think of all the Flour I had sleeping in my kitchen.

How many you got?


Shammi said...

Haha... I'd have bought the green split-pea flour too, given a chance - and then wondered what to do with it! :D What ARE you going to make with it?

ms said...

:) I had some idea of mixing up a powdered soup of sorts using the split pea flour. You know put in some powdered milk, dried carrot flakes and onion flakes, salt and seasonings, then just microwaving myself a cup now and then. Will get around to it eventually i guess!