JFI Chickpea Round up

Hi all, a very big thank you to everybody for the wonderful response to JFI Chickpea. I was overwhelmed by the effort that all participants put in. A big shout out to Indira at Mahanandi for dreaming up this wonderful event.

First vital statistics, I received a total of 88 entries - 14 of these were Chickpea curry recipes. Thanks to all who took the time to send in several recipes.

The protein packed round up is in two parts, the first part is of all the versions of Chickpea curry or chole and the second is of all the other entries categorized by course and chickpea type used.


The following JFI Chickpea participants sent in various Chickpea curries,

1.Neivedyam :: Kadala Curry
2.The Budding Cook :: Peppery Chickpeas
3. Tasty Treats :: Black Chana Curry
4.Aroma :: Paneer Chole Makhani
5.My Experiments in Kitchen :: Sanagalu
6.Adlaks tiny kitchen :: Chenna Masala
7.Mom's Cooking :: White Chickpea Curry
8.Tongue Ticklers :: Chhole
9.Whats for lunch Honey? :: Spicy Chicken legumes
10.EasyNTasty :: Channa Paneer Masala
11. Seduce your tastebuds :: Chole
12.Experiments in Kailas Kitchen :: Kadala Curry
13.Monsoon Spice :: Lauki Choley
14.Poonams Kitchen :: Chana Sukke
15. Indira at Mahanandi :: Chole Cheddar

There is chole, theres is kadala curry with kootu, kabuli channa with paneer. So many chickpea curries, that your head spins. What is their common theme? Where do they vary?

My head was spinning just going through the JFI Chickpea curry entries. So I put in the 15 chickpea curry recipes from the participants above in to a Many Eyes Data Visualisation which highlights the most common ingredients with bigger font letters :

52bb4ca6-f313-11dd-9375-000255111976 Blog_this_caption

I thought it was a fun and interesting way to highlight the themes and variations in something as simple and complex and wonderful as a chickpea curry!! You could click on the image above to interact with the visualization as well.


Now before you throw stones at me for being the biggest nerd of the blog world , here are the wonderful entries highlighting the different forms in which chickpeas have entered and stayed in our plates. There is desi or black chickpeas, white chickpeas and green fresh chickpeas which I was surprised to find in many delicious curry recipes and of course there was besan the ground flour of chickpeas - various desserts and even a bread made of it!!


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I have put up a database of the entries with the course type, type of chickpea used, photographs and links to the post. A mouseover the photo should show an enlarged picture.

I also had a lot of fun making Chana chor garam, Green chana puli kootu and Besan Potato Sev for this event.

I have gone through my emails twice, however if I have left any entries out, I apologise- please email me and I will be glad to update the roundup. It was fun hosting this edition of JFI- Do checkout JFI Cauliflower hosted by Paajaka.


FH said...

Cool graphics or table, ms. Trisha just bought a software and she is experimenting with those too. I have no clue how to do all that, not nerdy(good to be a nerd, btw!) like y'all! :D

Trupti said...

nice roundup & nice use of table .I think I will try that table. I like to try new things in my blog

Siri said...

Thats one innovative roundup ms..:)


vidhas said...

Very innosvative way of round up. nioe to see lots of entries.

Jaya M said...

I think you have missed mine ..
was on blogging break so couldn't check the round-up before ...
thanks for hosting it ..
cool new methods for round-ups...
hugs and smiles

ms said...

asha, vidhas, trupti and Siri : thanks a ton guys for participating and your comments! The pleasure is all mine.
Jaya: I have replied via email, Your entry is 20th in the Blist widget under ROUND II. thanks for participating!