Back to Basics : Bataka Poha

A classic from College times. The mad dash to the canteen for that tea that woke us up from the slumber of the 7.30 class and of course, poha for breakfast.

Thick Poha ( flat, beaten rice)
Boiled or finely diced Potato
Green Chilli- finely cut
2- 3 Cloves
Curry Leaves

Boiled potato works easiest, but you can also use diced raw potato. Begin by washing the poha in water. Just take poha in a colander and rinse briefly. Do not Soak poha at any cost.

Take about a tablespoon of oil in a pan, Add mustard seeds and wait for them to splutter . Then add the asofoetida, green chillies,curry leaves ,cloves. If using raw diced potato, add and saute until cooked through. Else add the Boiled potato and turmeric and saute.

Finally add the poha, saute on low heat - THE LOWEST you can go on your stove. Turn off and cover with a plate. After five minutes, top with coriander leaves, sugar and or lime juice if desired.



Srivalli said...

That picture looks very yummy..no recipe to follow?

ms said...

Hi srivalli,
thanks for visiting my blog. Recipe posted now!
You have a lot of nice recipes using poha - will try out sometime.