Strawberry tart with Lemon Curd

My entry for
Spice Cafe's JFI Lime-Lemon

Oh my! The lemon in my picture looks as big as a pear. I guess in general lemons, like most other produce in America are supersized. I usually use lemons to finish off dishes, to add that bright top note. So I was stumped coming up with something that would highlight just the Lemon / Lime taste. I had just made a lovely Lime vodka using verdant Lime peels dunked in vodka for about a week. No photos though.

Thats when I came accross this recipe for Lemon Curd from Epicurious. Lemon Curd is generally used to fill tarts, pastry shells, top Cakes and cookies. My curiousity piqued, I tried out the recipe for the JFI event by coffee. The Curd part refers to the consistency of the Lemon curd filling. You can find the recipe for the tart shell here.

I must confess I went with the strawberry more for the visual impact.I was not sure that the tart strawberries would pair well with the equally tart lemon. To my surprise when I wolfed down the tart after taking the photographs, the strawberry went with the lemon curd filling really well. I could really taste the fresh fruit.

Lemon curd is a simple recipe, you can always fill pre baked pie shells purchased from the market with as much lemon curd as you prefer, and top it off with the fresh fruit of the day. I have some Lemon curd left over from this and will attempt to make some lemon curd mousse ( recipe and photo to follow).


amna said...

what a pretty looking tart!!

ms said...

Hi Nags, thanks!!

KayKat said...

Love lemon curd, and I think the berry topping was a great idea :)