Marcha ane Rai na Kuria : RCI Gujarat

This is my last minute entry for Mythili's

Gujarat is dry desert region and this recipe really shows their love for chillies and pickles. In a Gujarati village, I saw fresh chilies picked in the morning from the Vadi, roasted over charcoals, skinned and served with a little salt to accompany the simple lunch of Bhakri Ane Shaak. Gujaratis have a whole repertoire of pickles that they pickle only with lemon and salt which include roots such as fresh turmeric root and mango turmeric( manga inji).

This recipe is a simple Gujarati fresh pickle recipe from my best friend's mom.


Green Chilies
Lemon Juice
Rai na Kuria (Mustard Flakes easily available at your local Indian grocery)

Slice the green chilies vertically. Remove all the seeds. Split the chilies into four. Place in a glass jar with tight lid. Add two table spoons of lemon juice for every half cup of green chilies.Add water until the chillies are submerged. Salt until fairly briny like sea water. Add about one table spoon of rai na kuria. Put the lid and set aside for 2 to 3 days in the refrigerator. Serve as a pickle with roti and shaak. After two or three days, the chilies will become brown and thats when you know they are ready. Enjoy