A Foodie Diets: Sambharela Moola

Moola is gujarati for Radish( as apposed to the other moolah that is so very hard to come by :)). A very low calorie dish , really good even as a salad with a splash of yoghurt. I also like the simplicity of the dish.


Radish, white or red cut in cubes
Radish greens if available
Curry Leaves
Lime Juice
Salt to taste

Heat a little bit of oil, add mustard seeds and wait for them to pop. Then add asofoetida.Add the cut radish and also the radish leaves if any on top of the radish. Add turmeric, salt to taste and saute until the radish turns translucent, which is how you know they are done.

Squeeze half a lime on top and you are done.

If you are like me and like a little bite to your food, finish while the radish is just done.

Enjoy with yoghurt.