Amdavadi italian bakery bread

Made at home in a pullman bread pan using Peter reinharts Pullman bread recipe from the Bread baker apprentice book beautifully recreates the extraordinary sandwich bread we get in ahmedabad in a place called italian bakery. I have never figured out why it is italian in Gujarat - but the bread is the stuff that English novels get their cucumber sandwiches from. Its become a standard at my home, ive changed up the recipe to half whole wheat , half Bread flour and it stands up beautifully. I also add a couple of tablespoons of gluten when i use whole wheat flour. Freezes well for many weeks. This pullman loaf makes enough for family for two weeks, approximately twice the size of a normal loaf.


notyet100 said...

so warm nd comforting

blinkandmiss said...

Wow! Never thought I'll find a post on the Italian bakery in Amdavad! Miss that city of mine so much.

Please post the recipe of the bread if possible. I've never been able to bake an edible bread yet.

Please please please.


Srivalli said...

Hey MS..good post..lovely cake as always!..